Customized Color Analysis Certification

Section 1: Customized Color Analysis

(4 days with 28 hours of training)
Fee (Deposit paid less than 30 days before the first day of course)
Early Bird Fee (Deposit paid 30 days before the first day of course)


  • Introduction to Image Consulting
  • Basic Color Theory
  • The Munsell Color System
  • Training the Eye to See Color
  • Elements of Human Coloring
  • Custom vs. Categorized Color Analysis
  • Choosing a Light Source
  • The Color Analysis Process
  • Selecting Body Colors
  • Selecting Individual Colors for Clients
  • Creating the Fabric Swatch Color Fan
  • Arranging a Color Fan
  • Ordering a Color Fan
  • Benefits and Use of a Color Fan
  • Women’s Color Portfolio
  • Men’s Color Portfolio

The color analysis training section uses the most advanced and thorough color system available for women and men and includes the creation of customized color fans (using the Color Assembly System). No previous color training is needed, but this course is also excellent for consultants familiar with the seasonal systems. Students learn to identify and select human body coloring as well as selecting flattering colors for the customized color fan. The color fan can be used in the selection of clothing, accessories, and makeup. The Stoltz Image Color Set, ideal for increasing the speed and accuracy of color analysis and used in all Stoltz Image consults, is only made available to graduates of the Stoltz Image Institute. The set is available to graduates for an optional purchase.

*All students will receive a personal custom color analysis and a customized color fan. Female students will receive a cosmetic makeover.

Learning Outcomes for Color Analysis Training:

  • List and describe the properties of color.
  • Evaluate the client’s natural body colors and establish their level of value and temperature.
  • Identify and select colors that compliment a client’s natural body coloring.
  • Determine a client’s value contrast in their natural coloring and relate it to their clothing.
  • Teach a client how to shop while using their colors to select outfits and accessories.
  • Determine a client’s best dark and light neutral colors in order to create cluster wardrobe groupings.
  • Discuss appropriate color options for hair color, shoes and accessories.
  • Identify the colors a client should avoid wearing around their face.
To earn CEU’s for this course students must complete:
  • Pay in full all fees for the course.
  • Attend all sessions.
  • Complete two custom color analyses on Stoltz Image clients
  • Complete the CEU form

I decided to learn Elaine’s Customized Color system because I couldn’t imagine using the “Seasons” color system, popularized in the 80s. In today’s multi-cultural world, there are literally thousands of different combinations of hair, eye, body and blush colors in our population. I think it’s impossible to categorize everyone into only one of a few seasonal groups. Our members in AICI represent at least 26 different countries and cultures. There are 195 different countries worldwide. Imagine all the different skin tones found in these countries around the world and right here in the United States. For me, a customized color system is the only way I can provide an effective Color Analysis for my clients.

– Julie Lara, AICI FLC, of Lara Executive Image