Image Consultant Services

First Impression

Making a strong first impression is critical for success in all aspects of life.  Studies have shown that you are constantly judged on the basis of your appearance, especially during the first 15 seconds of an encounter. StoltzZinke Image Consultants will turn your first impression into one of your greatest assets.

Complimentary Image Consultation

 Either over the phone or in person, after listening to your appearance concerns and desires, we create an action plan of services to reflect your image goals and budget. This is a complimentary consult that takes up to 30 minutes.

 Image Consultations

 StoltzZinke Image Consultants offers a full line of image consulting services for individuals. Consults may be customized to meet your image needs and goals or you may select from the following list of services.  Over the past 25 years, Elaine Stoltz has developed a unique 6-step system:

1. Color Analysis

2. Cosmetic Lesson

3. Body Style Analysis

4. Wardrobe Evaluation

5. Personal Shopping

6. Styling Outfits

 Color Analysis

Learn how to enhance your natural coloring and make yourself look younger and healthier. The clothing should not talk first; your natural beauty should.  If you know your colors, you will be able to eliminate 75% of the clothing in a store. A cosmetic lesson is part of the color analysis for women. CLICK HERE to watch Elaine perform a custom color analysis.

 Cosmetic Lesson

Learn what skin care and cosmetic products are best for you. The most flattering colors of lipstick, blush, and other cosmetic colors will be selected and you will learn the current makeup application techniques. During your lesson, an image consultant will create a custom formula for your foundation, perfectly matched for your skin. Updating your look regularly is recommended so after your initial cosmetic makeover you receive two complimentary makeup updates a year.

 Body Style Analysis

 Analysis for Women – How do I find the right clothes to flatter my body? Learn how to dress for your body.  The first step is a measurement of your body.  You will be then receive a workbook that identifies the best types of clothing for your shape. You will learn how to walk into a store and know instantly whether or not a particular garment is right for your body just by looking at it.

 Wardrobe Evaluation

Let’s face it: You are emotionally attached to the clothing in your closet. Let a consultant with a more objective view rid your closet of all unnecessary items.  You will then be shown how to organize what you now own and given a shopping list to complete the season’s wardrobe.

 Personal Shopping

Do you hate to go shopping? Take the stress out of shopping by shopping with us.  We are fast, efficient and ready to shop with you at your favorite stores. We will pull clothes that flatter you and your personal style and body shape.  Get ready for the most productive and pampered shopping experience of your life!

 Styling Outfits

New outfits will be created that you would never have thought of.  It’s like going shopping in your own closet. New clothing purchases will be integrated into the present wardrobe for even more outfits.

 Short Consultations

Do you have a specific question? This session is designed for whatever image concerns you may have. Customize your consultation or choose from the following short consultations: eyeglass selection, hair consultation, or more.

 Image Consults for Men

Whether you need help looking more professional or just don’t know how to put together a chic, casual outfit, Stoltz Image Consulting can help.  Our consultants have advised thousands of men how to improve their appearance and feel more confident.

Image Presentations

Stoltz Image consultants conduct presentations on an array of image topics.  If you are interested in booking a consultant as a speaker for an upcoming event, please contact the studio.

Travel Fee

Consultants will travel within Fort Worth for no charge. There will be a travel fee for any consultation outside of the city. Contact Stoltz Image Studio (817-924-8300) for more information.

Service Fees & Packages

Our image services are combined for your convenience and value pricing.

Brass Image Consultation

This combines the Color Analysis and Hairstyle/color Consultation.

Bronze Image Consultation

One of our most popular packages.  This combines the Color Analysis and Body Style Analysis.  You will learn your most flattering colors, what shapes and styles best fit your body shape, and receive a cosmetic makeover.  If you are ready to take the first step towards beautiful and effortless style then this package is for you!

Copper Image Consultation

Love the color analysis but want assistance with your wardrobe and/or shopping?  This package adds three hour of hands-on wardrobe evaluation and/or shopping with the experts.

 Silver Image Consultation

Love the Bronze package but want assistance with your wardrobe and/or shopping?  This package adds three hour of hands-on wardrobe evaluation and/or shopping with the experts.

Personalized Package:

Speak to us about creating a personalized package just for you.  Everyone is unique and special so if you want a personalized package just ask.



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