Linen Towel Fad

So why are linen towels such a big and new thing? Why can’t I just use my regular cotton towels?

Not that I haven’t used cotton towels all of my life, but the great thing about linen towels is their absorbency rate! When comparing them to the basic cotton towel, cotton towels have the tendency to absorb liquid just as well but, stay wet for a longer time. Whereas linen towels absorb just as well but dry faster. With that being said, if the linen towel doesn’t hold the water for as long, that eliminates a lot of germs and odor. Now, I bet you’re thinking that linen towels will be stressful to wash/dry – wrong! All you have to do is hang it up to dry after use and let the air do it’s thing. Linen towels are the new thing for a reason, they’re lightweight, retain liquid and lose it fast, as well as durable and easy.

Written by: Megan Gunn06040 linen-towel-stack

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