Sunless Tanner

Has anybody else noticed that everyone got tan for Spring over night? Because they haven’t, they’re probably self-tanning! From my research, here are some 5-star rated products to get the perfect self-tan without having to sit in the sun and … Continue reading

Nail Dip Powder

To all the ladies who love to get their nails done:I have gotten my nails done for so many years and for so many years I’ve been putting my nails through such a rough life! The last time I was … Continue reading

The Perfect Pouty Lip

Everyone loves a good makeup look, but the one thing that women always seem to come back to is their lips. Well, we have the best four step process for the perfect pouty lip! First, moisturize. If your lips aren’t … Continue reading

Summer Ellis Announcement


We are so excited to announce that we will be carrying Summer Ellis in store soon! Summer’s jewelry collections reveal a journey of depth and romance, as they glimmer with hope and delight, amidst the rough edges and cuts of … Continue reading

Vitamin C Line

During the winter time, it’s common for the face to become dry. Our Vitamin C line is the solution for you to achieve a well moisturized and glowing face, again! Our cleanser and toner in this line play hand in … Continue reading

Summer Ellis Jewelry

Looking for some new staple jewelry pieces and can’t find anything that’s good quality? Check out Summer Ellis Bijouterie! If you won’t take our word for it, read her story at Summer Ellis Story and fall in love like we … Continue reading

Bra Tips

Written by Megan Gunn Bras. There are three things that you need to know when talking about bras: color, style, and fit. The color of your bra is beyond important; it’s not only a reflection of yourself but an actual … Continue reading

Vitamin C skin care!!

Vitamin C Skin Care

The Wonders of Vitamin C by Megan Gunn We all know that we need vitamins for our bodies to function properly, but not many people know exactly what vitamins we need and what their functions are. Our new Vitamin C … Continue reading

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